I.C.'s Trax10years pics

I hope you like 'em, click for large version. Look below for some fun stuff. -InspiredChaos
danalog, nuff said.

c_ray_c and theHacker

Yes, we even had the webtv going.

It looks a bit odd on paper.

The early birds in the "Prisidio Room".

tH, kd and Ss recover from IHOP.

audio by aubilenon.

Traxgineer tfinn takes us for a ride.

Folks gather 'round the labtops.

Heading for Fudd's.

How much beef can you stand?

c_ray_c takes the pounder.

tH and MF enjoy their beef.

my "basehead concentrating" pic ;).

Draggy's audience of raving rally fans.

The bar, sans tender(tempting).

Folks enjoying the demo exhibition..

pallbearer and RadMan talk DVD.

c_ray_c explains something to aubi.

Tourist central.

One of those picturesque trolleys.

Looks like it's Fudd's again..

The last remnants of trax10years chill out

Saw this where I stayed the last night.

It was a great time, thank you everyone! (who showed up)

Fun stuff:
Some title screen/movie poster pics I hacked together Saturday night in my "inspired++" state.

c_ray_c, troll and I almost made a quicktro, untill our time and energy ran out in the wee hours of Sunday morning.

A movie poster idea, with a bit of an influence from Resevoir Dogs. Features (l to r) Danalog, c_ray_c. theHacker, baneblue, and MentalFloss.

(c) Stephen Whittam 2004.