Friday Morning, we picked up Dilvie before going to the party place.

Dilvie's rig, DX-7 in the hizzy!

One of the cool cats of the house.

We arrive at the venue, Watcher and Dilvie lead the way in.

Fluctus Fluxus(my travel pc) and the wild compo prizes.

S_tec, Dilvie, ?, and Chiapet in the bg.

Folks chilling in the party place.

Dilvie get's started on his tune for freefall.

S_Tec and Thom work on freefall with Dilvie

Back at the party, Nullsleep fiddles with his gameboy, and the Northern Dragons work on their projects.

S_Tec gives his presentation.

Folks listening to S_Tec's presentation.

It was a good example, you had to be there. :)

Watcher and Acius play a bit of DDR.

The k-wak tunnel draws me in.

We went to our hotel to check in, and bumped into Tfinn and RaD Man. And this is just the “Little America”.

I unpack my precious cargo. mmmmmmmmmmmm

Watcher checks out the TV in our “Richelou” appointed accomodations.

We once again bump into Tfinn and RaD Man back at the party place.

Gem photographs Watcher who is holding one of Tfinn's sweet Polaroid cameras.

Guybrush, BArZoule and Blacklight enjoy themselves.

In search of Dinner, we parked infront of this place. I wonder if they would loan me some ammo.

We walked past this place, then did a collective 180 when the smell hit us. Cedars of Lebanon.

We settle in and find the place to be quite...photoworthy.

Yes, a bellydancer.

The dancer and I.

Tfinn mugs with his specially requested yoghurt beverage.

Service was slow, but they kept us entertained.

The main course arrives at last.

RaD Man and Gem are happy.

Tfinn carefully cleans the last of the food off of the spoon.

RaD Man

Later in the evening, Swivel and Watcher prepare for the uncorking.

Tfinn's most excellent beer haul, we have our work cut out for us.

It doesn't get much better.

Fluctus Fluxus joined the party. (I wanted to use the TV, but even fancy hotel TVs have their inputs disabled)


Tfinn, Troll, and Swivel.

Wondering back to my room at 3AM I managed this photo.

The next morning. Tfinn, and Watcher

On our way out, this emblem adorned a conference room, sadly not even the 474th fighter group has a cash bar.

Ahhhh the lovely terror of clowns!

A Salt Lake City tradition.

Dining pleasure.

Food is good.

One of the sparkling white tows of SLC.

Tfinn discovers that he doesn't like tracking with modplug, while I get a kick out of his shirt.

Guybrush and RaD Man setup a rig for projecting from the PSP.

Out on the road again to get a better sound system for the compos and we came across this WTF moment.

Dilvie deploys the system, a dramatic improvement.

Tfinn's wild entry, “No Evil”. (That's Soul D, Swivel, and Troll)

Hey RaD Man, what's in the cup?

The compo show begins.

Legalize runs the show.

The voters listen to the music entries.

Nullsleep's entry was played straight from a Gameboy.

Truckfun on the big screen!

Dilvie wears my hat, couretsy of an 8 inch platter.

And now Thom.

Polaris presents awards for the ascii compo.

Legalize forks over a cash prize to Yumakami for the art compo.

Thom recieves a prize.

Nullsleep accepts his prizes from Dilvie and Troll

Dilvie and Troll, your jolly jurors.

Legalize congratulates BarZoule

The closing address.

The Northern Dragons. Blacklight, Polaris, BarZoule, RaD Man, Guybrush, and Soul D.

The after party at one of Salt Lake's many “private clubs”. (which allows them to sell quality beverages)

Legalize relates a tale.


A toast.

The exterior of the club.

Beware, this wandering crowd of demoscene hooligans might be headed your way.

After the after, it was back to the tower.

Much to be shared.

Watcher gets his first tast of Salmiakki.

Gem, Guybrush, RaD, Man and Tfinn.

Not enough drinking going on. :)

The Exmormon Drinking Team has to pick up the slack.

In the Little America lobby the next morning, that would make a hell of a hat.

Now at the Grand America for their renowned Sunday brunch. The food holds up to the schmancy decor.

Watcher and RaD Man, heaven's latest guests.


Omlettes and jazz combo.

See it, eat it.

Sushi and sashimi.

If only I could get a Crepe Station Portable. That's all folks!