Perhaps we need a beer sponsor.

Matt hits up the Old Guardian

Could be the start of a beautiful relationship. :-)

Chucky II undergoes repair.

Greg and Bob take a moment to relax.

Michelle looks right at home on a three-wheeler.

The Grand Poobah of Punkin Chunkin, Frank Shade.

Boing Rotation is disassemled by team boing.

Greg recharges the batteries.

As does Matt.

More work on Chucky II.

Nosher and Andy load up the final throw of United Kingdom.

After the throw goes into the backstop, Andy describes what went wrong to Robert.

Uh Frank, I don't think that means what you think it means.

Robert Llewelly, host of Scrapheap Challange, in his scrapyard zoot-suit.

“Ah, smug mode.” Myself and Robert Llewellyn.

The line is finally open for free-for-all chunkin.

Almost ready to fire.

Matt the Slingboy goes goofy.

Chucky II lets one go, onager has just fired too.

Eric of Team Tormentum pulls the trigger of Onager.

Chucky II's engine starts to conk out.

Bob and Greg watch the winch do it's work as Phatt Ash is pulled back once again.

Greg prepares to toss the safety strap across the arm to Michelle while Bob mans the winch.

The stage is set for the award ceremony with an excelelnt natural backdrop.

Team Carbo, Torsion Class Champions!

Torsion Rules! Adam and Mark from team Chucky and Bob Carbo share a moment of glory.

We had a great time, see you all next year!