Gay street, West Chester.

Saying farewell to my '86 Electra.

The view out of our back door, leaves caught mid-fall.

Maple leaves glow in the late day sun.

The front yard's golden carpet.

A constellation of berries.

Snapped on the move, I love when the utility lines catch the sunlight.

Making dinner with Matt and Trina, I put together these stuffed mushrooms.

Bkaed lamb-chops and cauliflower caserole ready to enter the oven.

Lilly is curious.

Dinner is served.

The new crime victims memorial in Downingtown makes an odd marker at the start of the Struble Trail.

Delicious hues.

That's a bit nicer.

A grand day for a stroll.

Charlie's family.

Everyone gets some exer-WAIT! IS THAT POWERWHEELS?

Cute, but shouldn't they be wearing their seat belts?

(Bert sings the L song) LA LA LA LA concrete plant?!?

Oh dear, we just had to give it a try.

Matt doesn't know what he's in for. Heck, none of us do!

Ahh the magic of rum and coke.

Do what the klingon says or suffer the consequences.

Charlie is a patient dog. THE END