Mom's experimental devilsfood UFO.

Paul sharpens a stainless rod into the ultimate skewer.

Triming the skewer handle with Paul's rickety bandsaw.

That ought to take care those bratwurst.

The fire pit is ready to go.

Matt brings more fuel.

That'll do nicely.

Eric, Phil, and Paul enjoy the warmth.

The skewers work nicely.


Baygle Dawgs!


Gary and Amanda enjoy themselves.

S'more before.

Charlie is pleased.

S'more on the coals.

I think I needed to leave it in S'more.

Delicious, and communicative!

Pretzable time.


In no way refering to Mr, Vader *wink*

I dunno.


Back at the pit.

Yes, a computer by the pit, but hey, those people are dancing!

Sean and Robin arrive fashionably.

Goofing around with my light toys.


Hello, goodbye. Thanks for coming everyone!